Feburary 2021

Welcome Chance! Our young PRA!

November 2020

What a great collaboration with Dr. Elan Eisenmesser! See our beautiful structrues of IgA1 protease in Nature Communications.

April 2020

Thanks to the NIA. Our project on the mitochondrial protein import is funded by R21 (AG064572).

Feburary 2020

Our high-resolution cryo-EM structures of YbtPQ (metal-chelated yersiniabactin importer) has been published in Science Advances!

June 2018

Congratulations to Wenxin! Our first paper has been published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry!.

November 2017

Thanks to the NIGMS. Our first R01 (GM126626) is funded for studies on various nitrate transporters.

September 2016

The "table tennis star" is featured here: Janelia Campus Amenities. Click the movie on the right corner, and see Hongjin at ~20s mark.

September 2015

Zheng laboratory is officially running!!!​